Whenever I receive an auto DM on Twitter, I have to resist the overwhelming urge to unfollow. Here is an example of an auto-DM I recently received and what I’m thinking as I read it.

Disclosure: I don’t know Larry, or any of the other individuals in subsequent posts, personally. They may be perfectly fine people with the best of intentions. I’m just using their DMs as examples.

Screen shot of a tweetLarry, Larry, Larry. {shakes head} I’ve only just started following you. We haven’t even had a conversation and here you go trying to take our relationship to the next level. You’re scaring me just a little bit. That and the dark glasses. What’s up with that?



3 Responses

  1. Surprisingly this doesn’t bother me as much as it does others. I ignore them like I do sidebar ads but I think just mentioning they are on Facebook is fine. Selling stuff is closer to the line. Someone followed them, it is reasonable to guess they may be interested in more info. That said, I have never bought something from a DM or clicked, and rarely do I Like fb pages.

  2. I don’t get a lot of this. But I don’t have a lot of bandwidth on twitter. I do find I am doing a daily check-in on who is following me – it’s sort of like taking out the trash, only it’s daily instead of every Wednesday night. I always block and report as spam – I am just a regional person with little interest in the social media/marketing schemes thrown out for my perusal. My favorite use of twitter currently is monitoring how my clients are using it – or not using it. So much potential for brands! Get with it my brands – come on! Time’s a’wasting!

  3. Maybe I’ll just give you the reigns to my DMs, Mike. Or maybe I need to learn to shake off my extreme dislike of auto DMs. {sigh}

    I’m glad you don’t see a lot of this FrankieCat. I’m going to follow Mike’s lead and ignore them.

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