I decided to take the day off with Cory and Brandy as planned. And I was going to enjoy every last moment of it. Because life was short, Brandy’s cancer was terminal, and none of us really know how much time we have left. This was what was important.
I admit it: where video blogging is concerned I’m a scaredy-cat. {Update: I used to be […]
Tonight I had the privilege of basking in the presence of “a good woman to know,” […]
My favorite stories were my mother's tales of her years as a novice in an Indiana convent.
So I get a lot of flack for my "tweets" that reference food. And so I started to think about why I'm so chatty about food. I've come up with two reasons.
The final straw came when she couldn’t find my cervix. That’s right. You know the position: […]
If there was one thing you could change about your face, what would it be?
Before heading into surgery for testicular cancer my father-in-law said to the nurse, "I sure wish I would have bought that boat."
Why is it that when I leave the house in the morning my chin is smooth as silk and stubble free, but by the time I get to, say, the Sellwood Bridge on my way to a meeting, a lone prickly chin hair makes a midday appearance when no tweezers are in sight?
"No. I didn't know she was a girl until I saw the whites of her eyes." "Mom! That's not how you tell it's a girl."