Women’s rights, trans rights, gay rights: there’s a connection

Remember last summer when the overturn of Roe vs. Wade was shocking, and we were asking ourselves how this could have happened? When I talked to Dahlia Lithwick last fall, I asked her how this could happen in the United States, and she pointed out that the systems that are in place have made it possible. Take a look at this 6-minute video clip.

Spoiler alert: we can win all of the lawsuits and vote and vote and vote, but if the system is this distorted from the popular will, then it’s the system that’s the problem.

Since then MAGA Republicans have continued their assault on our rights: a woman’s right to birth control, trans rights, LGBTQ rights, book banning.

Dahlia’s book, Lady Justice, covers the trauma that we’ve faced as a nation, not just recently but for decades. And she recounts time and time again examples of change happening, despite the overwhelming odds.

Moral: the only way change happens is when women stand up.

Fish where the fish are

This week there has been a lot of focus on two things:

  1. The former MAGA president’s impending indictment and
  2. What will happen with TikTok.

I can’t control the outcomes in either case, so there’s no point in worrying. But the uncertainty around TikTok reminded me of this: you’ve gotta fish where the fish are.

When my friend Finale dragged me over to TikTok last year she understood what I did not: that I needed to be fishing there if I wanted to catch anything. Because TikTok is where my audience lives.

Consider these TikTok statistics: Continue reading

Women Who TikTok

My friend Finale Norton pushed me onto–errrrr, I mean “inspired me to join” TikTok April 2022. I told her I’d draft 100 TikToks, and see if it was worth it. One hundred TikToks later…yes, she was right. I found my community on TikTok.

So when Finale asked me to interview some women who were making a profound impact using their voices on TikTok, I got to work. Gary Carter Green from You Can’t Beat Blue produced this 3-minute video of the 5 women I talked to. Take a look.

It was a thrill to appear with Finale on Network NoVA’s Friday Power Lunch as she introduced the video, and I got to talk with the other panelists about the importance of TikTok in political organizing. You can watch our segment at the 17:27 mark.

Spoiler alert: here’s why it’s important to be on TikTok: We all need to be in all the places because the messenger is just as important as the message.



Gavin Newsom stands up to Walgreens and Republican Bullies

I’m not sure why the Republican Party is determined to keep attacking women and undermining our freedoms but here we are. They are clearly bullies, and the latest organization to cave to them is Walgreens. Thank goodness Gavin Newsom has the balls to take a stance.

Take a look at a 5-minute clip from a conversation I had yesterday with two of my friends. My favorite may be Finale’s and my response to Gary’s mansplaining the morning after pill.