This week I want to do a bit of a recap: to bring you up to […]
I promised to spill the tea this week and reveal some big news that I’ve been […]
One of the principles by which I live my life is from Cathie Black: “Make difficult […]
Discomfort feels like I’m in the middle of cleaning my storage unit. It’s a hot mess, […]
I am 100% certain my best friend Brandie Kajino is spinning in her grave, because the […]
Until I was about 40 I assumed that the reason I was hired for a job […]
I hate press releases. More accurately I hate the way PR firms blanket spam their email […]
I sit down to write today with results from MRI scans of my liver and two […]
I saw this TikTok and felt it deeply, because back in the aughts when my daughter […]
For most of my life my involvement in politics was that I voted every four years. […]