“You’ve gotten funnier over time.” I was taken aback when my husband said this to me […]
People who don’t understand our landlords’ selling us our condo at well below market value don’t […]
I don’t know why I didn’t see it coming, but I didn’t. Call me naive. I […]
When I rebooked my departure flight to Iowa, called my mother-in-law and canceled the week’s plans, […]
Remember when I decided that I wanted to explore spending the next three months like I’d […]
Who knew the secret to figuring out what you want was to eat chocolate and do […]
There’s something about growing up in the Midwest. We have this belief that we are self […]
This week I want to do a bit of a recap: to bring you up to […]
I promised to spill the tea this week and reveal some big news that I’ve been […]
One of the principles by which I live my life is from Cathie Black: “Make difficult […]