I am 100% certain my best friend Brandie Kajino is spinning in her grave, because the […]
I never cease to be amazed that my ordinary, everyday way of conducting business impresses my clients and team mates. It turns out not everyone operates like I do. What I take for granted--my normal--isn't normal for everyone.
The most gorgeous pair of shoes in my closet are this pair by Faryl Robin. Equally […]
It was a year ago last month that my nephew suffered the first of many headaches, […]
Some people, no matter their stellar brainpower, impeccable work ethic and fantastic sense of style, should never be […]
Even at 5:57 a.m. there’s an obscenely long line weaving towards security at for Gate D […]
Form letters are fine and dandy. No one knows understands the beauty of systems and automation […]
One of the reasons I’ve been such a slacker blogger over the past several months is […]
It’s shocking. I know. Following my first root canal in January I told everyone I knew […]