Who else can identify with this? Procrastination is a bitch. What do you do when you […]
A couple of years ago when I read C.C. Chapman’s article, Yes, I’m Going to SXSW, […]
Here are my four favorite tips that I use to motivate myself to do something I […]
You think to yourself, "I want bacon." But then, unlike me, you don't eat the bacon.
There are so many things in my life I can't control. These are things I can control.
By Mary Rarick It’s a good thing that I’d already lit a candle and settled down […]
Last week I had the opportunity to speak with a well-respected endocrinologist on the topic of […]
In case you haven’t noticed, the past month and a half I have been a slacker […]
Bras? We transition from what is essentially a bikini top in our tweens to a full-on harness in our forties.
1. Given another invitation to watch a Shins video in the making, I'd ditch work in a heartbeat.