Person jugglingOne thing I’ve learned over the past year is the importance of knowing what you’re good at and working in that sweet spot. Think about it. What do you do exceptionally well?

Me? I am a connector and a community builder. I understand audiences and clients. I know their pain points. I get them. An editor for most of my career, I also love, love, LOVE content and the art  of good story telling. And I know what kinds of content targeted audiences want. These are areas where I am completely kick-off-my-heels comfortable.

I’ve been contacted twice in the past two weeks by people who were interested in hiring me to work outside of my areas of expertise. One wanted to hire me to do a highly-detailed identification of her industry’s thought leaders; the other wanted me to perform SEO research. Some would say the smart thing would be to accept the work and learn as I go.

But the truth is while I find both topics fascinating, not only am I unqualified to do these project, the work doesn’t excite me. Creating compelling content…now that’s what I’m talking about. Spending hours poring over an ideal customer profile…yes! Bring it! Plotting out a year’s worth of editorial calendar and content strategy…sign me up!

Do you know of a company that says they can do it all for you? My friend George has some oceanfront property in Arizona he’s prepared to sell you.

When you accept work it’s good to remember that it’s your reputation that’s on the line. And when you come across work that you’re not particularly suited for, an exceptional referral does a lot towards endearing you to your client.

Doesn’t your client deserve the best?


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  1. As I’ve read this post multiple times now, Mary, I’ve reflected back on our first conversation on this topic. When you first challenged me with this question I believe I froze momentarily, not instantly knowing what I excelled at. But I went home and did some mindmapping exercises to pinpoint what I do best. It was a great exercise and one that I plan to do often, because we learn and our focus changes, as do our skills.

    I couldn’t agree with you more – you are absolutely the best connector I know! I hope we get to connect again soon, I miss you and your brilliance!

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