In the moment May 19, 2011, felt like the best of times for social media, and […]
Are you on Threads yet? It’s basically what Twitter used to be, and it’s glorious. Come […]
This week there has been a lot of focus on two things: The former MAGA president’s […]
My friend Finale Norton pushed me onto–errrrr, I mean “inspired me to join” TikTok April 2022. […]
You have a social media program whether you know it or not: People are talking about you. […]
Every time I attend a business event I am inevitably asked what I do. “My passion […]
Have you ever heard people being criticized for not being more active on social media? “You […]
I always think the best kinds of welcomes are public and personal. Note how this new […]
And a final example: We’ve only just met and already you’re asking me for a favor. […]
And a third example of what he said and what I thought: Thanks, but no thanks. […]