You Have a Social Media Program

social mediaYou have a social media program whether you know it or not: People are talking about you. And they’re probably doing it online whether you’re there or not.

They’re talking about your products. They’re talking about your services. They’re talking about your customer service.

Your competition is most definitely talking. They may even be listening.

So what are you so afraid of?

Social media isn’t as scary as the gurus want you to think.

Every time I attend a business event I am inevitably asked what I do. “My passion is helping small businesses connect with their customers online and off using social media, blogging,…”

Her body shifts uneasily. There’s a measurable distance now between us. We’re both uncomfortable. Continue reading

Are you depressed because your highly-regulated business keeps you off social media?

Wendi Eiland’s Twitter bio

If I had a nickel for every time someone in insurance or some other highly-regulated field told me that they “can’t use social media,” I’d be rich . I’ve heard it from  lawyers, insurance agents, financial planners and bankers.

And then there’s Wendi Eiland, or @WendiEiland if you play on Twitter with the cool kids.

We sat at a small table at Water Avenue Coffee a couple of weeks ago, recalling our brief first in-person encounters: last year’s @Whiffies’ Foursquare Day tweetup and Clark Haass“Posh” Hashcapade at Gracie’s a few weeks earlier. Patrons at nearby tables must have thought we were life-long friends; we hooted and hollered, carrying on as if we’d known each other for years. Continue reading

What I see when you auto DM me on Twitter, Part I

Whenever I receive an auto DM on Twitter, I have to resist the overwhelming urge to unfollow. Here is the first of several examples of auto-DMs I’ve received just this past two days and what I’m thinking as I read them.

Disclosure: I don’t know Larry, or any of the other individuals in subsequent posts, personally. They may be perfectly fine people with the best of intentions. I’m just using their DMs as examples.

Larry, Larry, Larry. {shakes head} I’ve only just started following you. We haven’t even had a conversation and here you go trying to take our relationship to the next level. You’re scaring me just a little bit. That and the dark glasses. What’s up with that?

Social media is for conversation, not broadcasting.

I read with interest the OregonOnline article, Small Business Owners Struggle to Turn Social Media “Likes” Into Sales. While there were some very good points made, I never felt like the writer pulled the piece together and and concluded with a valid point.

Good take-aways from the article:

  • Understand where your clients are spending their time. Spend time in that space with them.
  • Social media levels the playing field. Continue reading