The cycle breaker is always seen as the trouble maker. To quote Meghan Trainor, “It’s me. […]
Who else grew up in a religious tradition that taught you to “turn the other cheek.” […]
For most of my childhood I was raised in a right-wing conservative Christian cult. I attended […]
When was the last time a drag queen knocked on your door trying to convert you? […]
My intentions aren’t important. What’s important is that I’ve learned something, and I’m apologizing, because that’s […]
Talking about racism is exhausting. I agree. But the truth is that I get to choose […]
I recently learned what the average starting salary for graduates from my alma mater, Western Illinois […]
Several years ago I was reflecting, and I had an overall tinge of regret, sensing that […]
Don’t be deceived into thinking that you owe anyone an explanation for anything you choose to […]
The best part of having survived a shitty childhood is that it makes for a grateful […]