Phone off the hookEvery time I attend a business event I am inevitably asked what I do. “My passion is helping small businesses connect with their customers online and off using social media, blogging,…”

Her body shifts uneasily. There’s a measurable distance now between us. We’re both uncomfortable.

I jump in with, “Social media is just new tools for what you’ve always done.”

She relaxes. She smiles. She exhales and says, “I’m so glad you said that.” We’re both relieved.

It’s time for everyone to get their undies out of a bunch. Social media is not neurosurgery.

Every time I introduce a client to a new social media tool, do you know the first hurdle they face? They don’t know what to say. My guess is people encountered the same fear the first time they held a telephone receiver. I tell them to just start a conversation. Because that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Plain and simple social media is just chatting.


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  1. Hi Mary, I love this post! I will totally remember this as I meet prospective clients who are afraid of social media, but are interested. This post makes me recall my first client, who was intimidated with social media yet obviously interested. I was now guru, not even now, yet at that time, my passion for social media was so contagious, that he took that first step by accepting my services. He is doing fine on his own now. And it’s time to move him to the next level. 🙂

    Dear client, here’s the real deal …..


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