Image of green blocks1. Given another invitation to watch a Shins video in the making, I’d ditch work in a heartbeat.

2. Housework never goes away and no one really cares. I should have let it go sooner.

3. I was a fool to have wasted so much time with a man whom I loved too much who couldn’t love me in return.

4. I spent too many years worried about what other people thought of me. What a waste!

5. French, Russian, and Spanish – I should have learned them all in my 20s.

6. I knew when I was there that staying in a job where I was undervalued and underpaid was a huge mistake. Yet I stayed too long anyway.

7. I should have taken time to play more Barbies and Legos with my kids.

8. After spending three days mulling around Brussels to obtain the visa, my best friend and I should have gone ahead and gone to Budapest after Chernobyl blew, despite our parents’ protests, instead of red-eyeing it from Wien to Barcelona.

9. I should have visited my Grandfather.

10. Productivity is overrated. I’m still working on that one.

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