The Power of Storytelling

Photo of two men leaning against a boat

My father-in-law, Bill Rarick, with my husband, leaning against their boat before a fishing trip. Circa 1991

I was once at a conference where the attendees were asked to turn to a stranger sitting next to them and tell them a story that’s told and retold in their family about a family member. I turned to Lisa Watson and told her the following story.

Before heading into surgery for testicular cancer my father-in-law said to the nurse, “I sure wish I would have bought that boat.”

“What boat’s that?” the nurse asked politely. Continue reading

How Do You Tell If It’s a Boy or a Girl?

The most meaningful conversations take place effortlessly as we move through our busy lives. My son was nearly seven when he accompanied me as I carpooled his sister and her friend to an early morning band class.

Jesse: “Mom, did you know what you were going to name me when I was born?”

Me: “I sure did.” Continue reading