Photo of two cats sitting togetherLast week I had the opportunity to speak with a well-respected endocrinologist on the topic of balance. His point of view might surprise you.

He said that achieving balance is virtually impossible in humans. Think about it: we’re all familiar with pregnancy hormones. We also take into account the fluctuations in temperature and mood related to menopause. And now perimenopause. Then there’s a woman’s monthly cycle.

What about men? Let’s see. Like women they’d be affected by REM sleep cycles and circadian rhythms. The stress hormone cortisol certainly impacts all of us. And we’ve come to learn that ghrelin, more than lack of will power, affects hunger.

Don’t even get me started with teens and their raging sex hormones.

With all of these intersecting and concurrent cycles and surges coursing through our bodies day in and day out, is it any wonder that it’s difficult to find a sense of balance and calm? I think not.

Note to self: we’re all familiar with the meaning of a flat line, right? {gulp}

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