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I have a secret. I haven’t even told my husband or my best friend. But I’ve decided to tell you. A year and a half ago I had my first Botox treatment. And I liked it.

I was one of those hold-outs who thought that I wanted to “age gracefully.” Not that I didn’t use Retin A and products containing salicylic acids. It’s just that I drew the line to topical treatments.

So when I went to go in for a consultation and the doctor handed me a mirror and asked me, “If there was one thing you could change about your face, what would it be?” I was shocked to hear myself respond, “I hate the deep lines in my forehead and above my nose.” She promptly responded, “I can take care of that today.” I was astounded. And terrified.

Why’d I do it?

So what was my motivation to give this procedure a try? For one, I had scheduled photo shoot for the following week. So vanity. But mostly because I really didn’t like the fact that the person who returned my gaze in the mirror wasn’t the person I know I am. Frankly, the lines gave my face an angry appearance when, in fact, I’m pretty happy most of the time.

So after a two-hour consultation, which included information about other therapies that would benefit my skin, including Fraxel Laser treatments and acid peels for acne, I made the decision to try Botox.

The Procedure

The procedure is quick: I was in the chair less than five minutes. After being pretreated with an ice pack, each injection, carefully placed so as to weaken the “dynamic” muscles to lessen my worry lines, felt more like someone pressing a fingernail into my forehead.


Following the treatment I observed some very small red bumps that appeared to be mosquito bites; these were gone within an hour.When I awoke the next morning, I thought I could see results, and by that evening I knew I could. I woke up every morning thereafter with great anticipation, rushing to the mirror to see what new miracle occurred while I slept.Three weeks later: the horizontal lines were hardly noticeable and the 11s, as they’re known, above my nose, though still there, are remarkably softer.

Full disclosure: no one, not even my husband, ever noticed a difference. But I noticed. And it made me jump up and down inside.

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