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I just attended the Hands on Greater Portland’s Heart of the Community Awards at the Governor Hotel where volunteers and volunteer programs are acknowledged and celebrated. We heard inspiring life stories and watched as the award recipients were honored by their co-workers and friends in beautifully-crafted video presentations.

Well, most of us did. But, as I looked around, I was shocked and frankly embarrassed to see 30% of the room more engaged with their electronic devices than in what was going on at the Hotel.

The message this portrays is one of disrespect. To the award recipients and to the people around you.

Unless you’re at an event where members are expected to be relaying a tweet-by-tweet of the goings on, put your phones down, people! Actually, don’t even bother pulling them out of your pockets or handbags in the first place. Turn them off and away for the duration of the event.

Is it any wonder why our kids can’t put their phones down during school?

Note to self: If you find that you absolutely have to look at your phone, excuse yourself, leave the table, and check your email from the privacy of the powder room.


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