The most meaningful conversations take place effortlessly as we move through our busy lives. My son was nearly seven when he accompanied me as I carpooled his sister and her friend to an early morning band class.

Jesse: “Mom, did you know what you were going to name me when I was born?”

Me: “I sure did.”

“Did you know what you were going to name Cassi?”


“Is that because you knew she was a girl?”

“No. I didn’t know she was a girl until I saw the whites of her eyes.”

“Mom! That’s not how you tell it’s a girl.”

“How do you tell?”

“I don’t know, but I think the doctor tells you.”

After some thought he added, “Maybe girls just have more hair when they’re born and that’s how you tell.”

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  1. LOL, how sweet.
    My brother just found out that he and his girlfriend are having a girl. I think they could tell because the amniotic fluid was pink. 😉

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