In the moment May 19, 2011, felt like the best of times for social media, and Twitter in particular. Two friends and I had just finished writing our second Social Media Optimization (SMO) book, the Twitter Tracker, to help¬†organizations, businesses and individuals plan, post and measure their social media successes. And my friend Cheryl Bledsoe invited me to be a panelist at Jeff Pulver’s 140 Conference to talk about the ROI of social media. They called it Twitterdipity.

An early adopter of Twitter, I soon learned that the power of the platform was in making connections with likeminded people. And so I began to connect with local folks on Twitter, develop relationships and then meet select people offline.

This conference panel offered me the opportunity to talk about how I met Noland Hoshino in real life, after first connecting with him on Twitter. We went on to write the SMO Books together.

You can catch my segment starting around the 6:30 mark.


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