By Mary Rarick

Photo of a cat lounging on a bench under a painting.

Perry Mason understands the value of stepping away and breathing.

It’s a good thing that I’d already lit a candle and settled down to work with a hot mug of Awake tea before I realized that my computer was going to be having hiccups today. And by hiccups I mean it urped when I suggested we take a look at Excel, Word, Outlook, or the Internet. You know…pretty much anything I might ask of it.

Add to the tea and scent of bergamot the fact that I took last week off to spend some time with my family over spring break and I have to tell you that the computer hiccup wasn’t nearly as upsetting as you might expect. We all have our off days, right? I guess the computer is entitled, too.

Well, so much for the welcome-back-from-spring-break post that I had planned. I guess we’ll cover that next time. Can’t wait to hear about all the cool things you did while I was away.

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