A screen with the word Portland repeatedly enteredEven at 5:57 a.m. there’s an obscenely long line weaving towards security at for Gate D at Portland’s International Airport. Judging by their demeanor, few of then passengers have consumed their morning cuppa and they trudged like zombies through the maze on their approach to the TSA’s once over.

As a TSA agent approached the shuffling line, she loudly asked if anyone was in possession of chocolate. We all largely ignored the uniform’s announcements, assuming we’d memorized the TSA drill, so this question caught everyone’s attention.

Seriously?! Now they’re not letting people carry on chocolate? Oh, this can not end well.

The TSA agent resumed her monologue, assuring the crowd that she’d be happy to hang onto anyone’s chocolate. The tension broke, the crowd chuckled and smiled.

Being different she stood out. Human face on an unloved and unwanted airport member. She stands out for something good. She’s unforgettable. And in a good way.

And she was kind. She made us forget, with her lighthearted fun, that we were standing in a long boring line, waiting to board planes to wait some more..

Broke the monotony. Put a smile on our faces. She was memorable.

Be different. Be memorable.


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