I am 100% certain my best friend Brandie Kajino is spinning in her grave, because the company for which she was a professional ambassador has betrayed their most devoted customers.

Let me back up. I’ve been a subscriber to Evernote since 2009. That’s right, for 15 years. I’m no johnny come lately.

So you could have knocked me over with a feather when I received this email from Evernote March 21st:


If you think that $130/year isn’t a bad price to pay for an app, then that’s because you don’t know that last year I paid $48/year for the same app.

I don’t give a fat rat’s ass that they’ve made improvements. Give me a choice. I’ll take the old Evernote for the lower price every day all day.

Particularly egregious is the practice of not rewarding loyal subscribers. Our subscription fees aren’t grandfathered in like they are with Buffer. (If you’re scheduling social media, Buffer is the best bang for your buck, and their customer service is the best.) Can you imagine how much goodwill they could have generated if they would have sent us all a thank you note informing us that the prices for new folks would be going up but in a show of gratitude, they’d be keeping our subscription rates the same? We would never have shut up about that. But now.

Let’s also consider how I’ve recommended the software to everyone I know. And my friends have signed up. I can assure you that I won’t be recommending them anymore.

Evernote missed the mark when, instead of choosing to surprise and delight their customers, they told them to bend over. What Evernote failed to consider is that I have the memory of an elephant. 



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