Have you ever received a free cosmetics sample that you loved at the beginning, but didn’t end up working out? That happened to be a couple of years ago with a gorgeous Dior lipstick.

I loved everything about it. Except after two days of wearing it, I woke up on the third day looking like Lisa Rinna with overfilled lips.

And, great news, I was headed into a client meeting that morning to talk about…wait for it…topics you’d rather not talk about with your customers. You know, the things you’d really rather ignore.

So guess what we talked about? That’s right. We talked about my fat lips, because you can’t ignore the elephant in the room. You have to lean into it.

The same is true for Democrats. We have to talk about the things that are on people’s minds that maybe we don’t want to. Am I right?

What kinds of topics should Democrats be leaning into that we’re avoiding?


What topics should Democrats be leaning into? #inflation #abortion #democratsoftiktok #racism #ytwomen #yt #reproductiverights #roe #mybodymychoice #blm #roevwade #patriarchy #joebiden #ukraine #gasprices

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