I’m leaving on a jet plane today

I’m all packed up and ready to fly to Virginia today. Why? Because I’m going to be attending Network NOVA’s Women’s Summit.

Now all I have to decide are which workshop sessions I’m going to attend. What do you recommend?

Do you live in the DC area? If so, buy a ticket and join me at the Women’s Summit!


#greenscreenvideo Are you attending @Network NOVA’s #womenssummit ? Which workshops would you attend? #inspiration #womenempowerment #womenpower #womensupportingwomen @Friday Power Lunch @The Chat

♬ Marry You – Bruno Mars

Let’s go, girls!

I’m exhausted, but I’ve already got a plan to give myself the kick in the pants that I need: I’m going to attend Network Nova’s Women’s Summit. Will you be there?


#womenssummit #inspiration #womenempowerment #womenpower #womensupportingwomen #bluewave2024 Who’s joining me at @Network NOVA’s Women’s Summit?

♬ Man! I Feel Like A Woman! – Shania Twain

Why I’m going to Virginia in July

I don’t know about you, but as many victories as Democrats have seen–both at the ballot box and from the Supreme Court–and as happy as they’ve made me feel, I’m still tired. And considering most of the grassroots organizing that I do is done from my kitchen table, I feel a little lonely, too. It’s not like I’m working with co-workers. Unless you count these two.

Two cats snuggling together on a blanket

Perry Mason and Paul Newman

Fortunately for me, the women of Network NOVA are holding a Women’s Summit next month. And they’ve invited me to attend!

Just take a look at this schedule, and tell me you aren’t tempted to attend! And have you seen the workshops?! #swoon

I would love to see you at the Women’s Summit. Buy you’re ticket today. They’re a steal at twice the price. And FOMO is real, ya’ll.

It’s so important for Democrats to get together. Join us. You’ll regret it if you don’t.



Women Who TikTok

My friend Finale Norton pushed me onto–errrrr, I mean “inspired me to join” TikTok April 2022. I told her I’d draft 100 TikToks, and see if it was worth it. One hundred TikToks later…yes, she was right. I found my community on TikTok.

So when Finale asked me to interview some women who were making a profound impact using their voices on TikTok, I got to work. Gary Carter Green from You Can’t Beat Blue produced this 3-minute video of the 5 women I talked to. Take a look.

It was a thrill to appear with Finale on Network NoVA’s Friday Power Lunch as she introduced the video, and I got to talk with the other panelists about the importance of TikTok in political organizing. You can watch our segment at the 17:27 mark.

Spoiler alert: here’s why it’s important to be on TikTok: We all need to be in all the places because the messenger is just as important as the message.