Photo of Mary RarickMy name is Mary Rarick and I’m running for public office

Professionally I’m known as a caffeine-addicted shoe lover, connector, Sorkin enthusiast and digital marketing consultant.

Drinking cold brew coffee, catching up with friends, playing cards with my kids, cooking with my husband: these are a few of my favorite things.

But if I’m to be totally honest, I’m also an introverted 56-year-old recovering perfectionist who has spent most of her life sitting in her privilege afraid of making waves.

And then one day I decided to show up.

Two years ago I joined a group of local grassroots supporters for Pete Buttigieg, and learned how to organize. I began to educate myself. To start uncomfortable conversations. To sit with discomfort. Eventually I was asked to organize the state of Oregon the campaign. I recognized and cultivated potential in volunteers, assembled a leadership team and identified ways for every team member to contribute.

I learned how to use relational organizing to develop relationships, build coalitions and win elections.

I traveled to Des Moines for the LJ and returned to Iowa the following January and to Nevada a few weeks later on my own dime to canvass for the caucuses.

After Biden became the presumptive nominee I served as the content lead for the Biden Digital Coalition.

In the process of taking action I found my voice.

Last May I was elected as a precinct committee person for Multnomah County. Now, supported by members of my community, I’m running for State Central Committee delegate and congressional district 1 delegate.

I am running because as someone who grew up on a 62-acre farm and currently resides in Portland, I have a passion for bridging the divide between Oregon’s rural and urban communities.

I’m running because democracy must be cultivated to endure.

I’m running because, to quote Margaret Mead, “a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”


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