For most of my life my involvement in politics was that I voted every four years. I wasn’t always terribly well informed, and–looking back–I made a few questionable choices, but I voted and I thought that it was enough. Until November of 2016. {Deep breath} I realized I’d effed up. 

Like a lot of people I know, although I marched in the Women’s March in January 2017, I felt helpless to do anything else. Show of hands: who else felt like that? Or maybe, still feels like that. I get it.

Leveraging my guilt and rage hangover from 2016, I stepped out of my introverted shell and began showing up at local grassroots events which led to a position as the Oregon state lead for Pete for America. 

Pete Buttigieg, surrounded by supporters in Portland, Oregon

Pete Buttigieg surrounded by supporters in Portland, OR

While my candidate didn’t make it to the White House I’ve continued volunteering for multiple campaigns and political organizations. I’m also a panelist, producer and sometimes even a host at You Can’t Beat Blue. 

Several weeks ago another opportunity in the realm of politics presented itself. 

When I heard that Keith Wilson had thrown his hat into the ring to run for Portland mayor I was encouraged. When he announced, at his campaign’s election kick-off event, that he had a concrete plan to end unsheltered homelessness in Portland within his first year as mayor, I was elated.

So when his campaign requested a meeting, I took it, because this is the kind of candidate I want to support. 

You can catch the episode here.


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