Image of a black and white swirly vortexAfter taking a couple of days off to regroup and recuperate from a particularly challenging work deadline, I knew today would be hectic. And I’ve not been disappointed. In addition to a huge to do list, it’s my son’s last day of school, so there’s a hiccup in the day’s schedule as well.

As I was dropping him off at the park for the we’re-done-with-school band party and heading over to Fred Meyer to get a key cut, it occurred to me that the small things on my list weigh almost as heavily as do the larger tasks.

I’ll give you an example.

Getting a house key made for my daughter has been on my list for two weeks. In FranklinCovey terms, it’s an important task but not incredibly urgent since our garage door opener has an exterior keypad, and all family members have committed the code to memory. Nonetheless, every evening when I reviewed incomplete tasks and moving them to the next day (or the day after), this nasty key chore remained.

So I drove to Fred Meyer, chose a cute bedazzled key, handed it to “Chris” and watched him effortlessly reproduce my house key. The stop took a grand total of seven minutes; I timed it. But the accomplishment of that single nagging task was as much a relief as I’ll feel when I’ve finished updating the production schedule, assigning two articles, even dealing with my never-empty inbox.


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