I was raised to believe it wasn’t polite to talk about politics, religion or money. Except when we were knocking on doors handing out religious tracts. Am I right?

Not talking about politics is what gave us President Trump and his vile administration. I am responsible for that because I didn’t use my voice. Because I figured voting was enough. I also thought voters would use their brains and vote for Hillary. I thought they were intelligent. That they were capable of critical thinking. That they were intelligent. Boy, was I wrong.

So here we are seven years later, and if you look around, you can see that the results of that election have also resulted in books being banned, women’s rights being taken from them, the LGBTQ  and immigrant communities being vilified, and on and on.

So what are you doing about it? It’s time to speak up.


The time to speak up is now. Why have you been silent? #midterms #dontagonizeorganize #riseup #patriarchy

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