For most of my childhood I was raised in a right-wing conservative Christian cult. I attended a private Christian school. We lived on a 62-acre farm with no TV and, for 3 years, no phone. We listened to WDLM on the radio. We were sheltered. We were taught to “trust and obey.” We were told to not ask questions. We were told to forgive and forget. We encountered horrific abuse and neglect.

And we were groomed.

So today, you’ll find that I tend to speak out. Here’s why.


#duet with @Kellie #religioustrauma Drop a comment if you’re still healing from right wing conservative trauma. #rightwing #conservative #conservativetiktok #focusonthefamily #billgothard #billgothardsurvivor #sa #exfundamentalist #excatholic

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