cut out figures holding hands and circling a lit lightbulbI take time to mastermind with a variety of people at least once a month. They work best when each member of the group has the ability to be vulnerable and is a genuine contributor to the group. Maybe you’re not all at the same level, but you bring value to the group.

Here’s why every small business owner should participate in a mastermind group:

  • What did Dr. Seuss say? Two heads are wiser than one.
  • It’s amazing what a fresh perspective can do for you. One friend says, “You can’t see the label from inside the jar.”
  • You’ll find that what’s often most surprising is what you knew all along. Sometimes all it take is saying something out loud to work through it.

The best format I’ve used to in a mastermind meeting is one borrowed from someone else. The group maintains a Google doc where each person tracks (and then discusses the following:

  • What is inspiring them
  • What they’re working on
  • What they need help with

The advantage of the Google doc is that you can track your thoughts in between meetings, and other participants can even jot down suggestions or notes if they’d like.

Do you belong to a mastermind group? If not, why not?


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