(Not-so) common courtesies

I never cease to be amazed that my ordinary, everyday way of conducting business impresses my clients and team mates. It turns out not everyone operates like I do. What I take for granted–my normal–isn’t normal for everyone.

A checklist

What do these things look like, you may ask? Here’s a short list. Continue reading

Yoo-hoo! Is Anybody Home?

Photo of a telephone off the hookBack in the day when we had a home phone my son, Jesse, was little maybe eight years old when my husband and I decided it was high time we taught him how to answer the phone. If you’ve ever called a friend’s home. had their first grader answer the phone and then be left lying on the floor with the receiver for the next 15 minutes, you understand exactly why this is necessary. Answering a telephone isn’t intuitive for small children.

So we drafted a script of sorts which was laminated and attached with velcro to our phone’s receiver. When the phone rang, all Jesse had to do was tear the script off the receiver and read the first sentence: Continue reading