Pete Buttigieg’s Political Advisor, Lis Smith

One of the greatest thrills I’ve had working with You Can’t Beat Blue was having the opportunity to interview Pete Buttigieg’s political advisor, Lis Smith. I’ve been a fan for-EVER, but more so after reading her book, Any Given Tuesday. What I appreciate most is her vulnerability and courage in the telling of her story. She’s quick to admit fault, and, as a result, we get to learn from her mistakes as well as her triumphs.

Gavin Newsom stands up to Walgreens and Republican Bullies

I’m not sure why the Republican Party is determined to keep attacking women and undermining our freedoms but here we are. They are clearly bullies, and the latest organization to cave to them is Walgreens. Thank goodness Gavin Newsom has the balls to take a stance.

Take a look at a 5-minute clip from a conversation I had yesterday with two of my friends. My favorite may be Finale’s and my response to Gary’s mansplaining the morning after pill.

Is Bill Maher’s show still worth watching?

  • Is college still worth attending?
  • Is Bill Maher’s show still worth watching?
  • Where can we find enough electoral college votes to cancel Tennessee’s?Gary, Finale, Adrienne and I discuss on this 3-minute You Can’t Beat Blue segment. Take a look and let me know what you think. 

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