Why I’m Done with United Airlines

My brother, Joe, and my nephew, JamesIt was a year ago last month that my nephew suffered the first of many headaches, which, after much persistence from my brother, landed James in St. Louis Children’s Hospital after the discovery of a large tumor in his cervical spine, later determined to be an aggressive anaplastic astrocytoma, which subsequently spread to his brain.

Over the past year I’ve made multiple trips back to the Midwest, always flying in and out of St. Louis, a short train ride to the hospital, so last month, when I made travel plans, there was no indication I shouldn’t do the same. Continue reading

Doing It Right: Breaking Pointe

My pilates instructor, Kelly Recktenwald, is passionate about all things dance. So last week when I happened to catch the new show Breaking Pointe she was the first person I thought of, so I tweeted her. But, of course, by the time she saw the tweet the episode had finished.

Last night I happened to come across what turned out to be the second half of the second episode, so I tweeted her again. She was in allergy hell and missed the my message.

Aside: It just seems wrong to call or text to let a person know that a trivial reality show is on T.V. Ya know what I mean? I don’t know why, but tweeting seems a little less intrusive.

Anyway, imagine my surprise when I noticed this tweet from Allison DeBona: Continue reading

Think Outside the Can

Chicken Apple Sausage Hash with Pancetta, Asparagus and Baked Eggs (photo courtesy of Hashcapades.com)

I admit it: where video blogging is concerned I’m a scaredy-cat. {Update: I used to be a scaredy-cat.}  It’s not that I don’t think it’s a great medium; I just don’t think it’s the best medium for me. {Hahaha: take a look at my TikTok profile now!}

But that doesn’t mean I don’t get to have a little fun with video, because a couple of my clients were destined to be seen on the silver screen…well, on your computer screen anyway. Clark Haass is a great example. Continue reading

Doing it Wrong: Beaverton Toyota

blue PriusForm letters are fine and dandy. No one knows understands the beauty of systems and automation better than I do.

But, more often than not, form letters need to be reviewed and customized before they are transmitted.

Case in point: the email I received from Beaverton Toyota. Continue reading

Doing it Right: Comcast Technician Eric Tucker

Comcast logoOne of the reasons I’ve been such a slacker blogger over the past several months is that my computer has been slow. I’m talking walk through mud with snow shoes slow. Most sites were so slow to load that I’d click the link and then start some paperwork before returning back to see if it had loaded. Some sites, like WordPress, would only load occasionally.

As you can imagine, this turtle-like behavior was the cause of much frustration and many interactions between me and my internet cable provider, Comcast. All of them were futile until this past week when @ComcastWill offered to have a technician sent to my house to see about exchanging my modem. Thrilled, I accepted. Continue reading

Doing it Right: Dr. Craig Johnson

Photo of a tooth and the roots with information about the roots

It’s shocking. I know. Following my first root canal in January I told everyone I knew that I’d happily return for another one the following day if I had to. It’s not that a root canal is a walk in the park but Dr. Craig Johnson and his staff have perfected the experience down to an art form. I call it doing it right.

Here are just a few of the things they’re doing right: Continue reading

Cirque du Soleil: Beatles LOVE Show

Colorful mural that reads Love, Love, LoveDespite the similarity in their nomenclature, the circus and Cirque du Soleil have little in common. The former has costuming, props and acrobatics, and there may be that singular moment when adults are truly awed, but we all know when it’s coming. The latter transports you to a state of continuous awe and the emotions raised are profound. Continue reading