What I see when you auto DM me on Twitter, Part I

Whenever I receive an auto DM on Twitter, I have to resist the overwhelming urge to unfollow. Here is the first of several examples of auto-DMs I’ve received just this past two days and what I’m thinking as I read them.

Disclosure: I don’t know Larry, or any of the other individuals in subsequent posts, personally. They may be perfectly fine people with the best of intentions. I’m just using their DMs as examples.

Larry, Larry, Larry. {shakes head} I’ve only just started following you. We haven’t even had a conversation and here you go trying to take our relationship to the next level. You’re scaring me just a little bit. That and the dark glasses. What’s up with that?

What do you do exceptionally well?

One thing I’ve learned over the past year is the importance of knowing what you’re good at and working in that sweet spot. Think about it. What do you do exceptionally well?

Me? I am a connector and a community builder. I understand audiences and clients. I know their pain points. I get them. An editor for most of my career, I also love, love, LOVE content and the art  of good story telling. And I know what kinds of content targeted audiences want. These are areas where I am completely kick-off-my-heels comfortable. Continue reading