It’s the Little Things

After taking a couple of days off to regroup and recuperate from a particularly challenging work deadline, I knew today would be hectic. And I’ve not been disappointed. In addition to a huge to do list, it’s my son’s last day of school, so there’s a hiccup in the day’s schedule as well.

As I was dropping him off at the park for the we’re-done-with-school band party and heading over to Fred Meyer to get a key cut, it occurred to me that the small things on my list weigh almost as heavily as do the larger tasks.

I’ll give you an example. Continue reading

Happiness is…

When I was 12 I thought that someday I’d be happy when I had breasts. Or when I was allowed to wear pantyhose or make-up. Or when I no longer lived “at home.” But when that didn’t happen I thought maybe when I had graduated from college. Or when I was married. Or when I had a mortgage. Or when I was out of debt. Or at least when I lost “the weight.” Continue reading

Not by the Hair on My Chinny Chin Chin

Why is it that when I leave the house in the morning my chin is smooth as silk and stubble free, but by the time I get to, say, the Sellwood Bridge on my way to a meeting, a lone prickly chin hair makes a midday appearance when no tweezers are in sight? How can this be? Could this solitary sprout have experienced a growth spurt in the matter of a few hours? Continue reading